Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun Day in the Snow!!!

Today was a warmer day so we decided to go out and play in the snow!!! We had so much fun!!! It was fun to watch the kids! Living in St. George for 2 years we did not get hardly any snow to go and play in. So the kids had a blast!!!

James and Porter making snow Angels. Sorry about the line on the side of the picture. The strap on the camera got in the way. Goes to show my great picture taking skills.

James learning how to walk in the snow!

Porter thought it was so fun to run and jump! Abby getting ready to make a snow Angel!

The kids working on a snowman!

Abby having fun in the snow!

Abby and the boys worked on the snow princess. Abby put on all the finishing touches. Meet Princess Crystal!

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas morning was so fun!!! The kids had so much fun opening their gifts from Santa! They were so excited!!!

Abby getting ready to open her I-dog that Santa brought!

Porter playing with his Legos that Santa brought! Porter just made a cool house!

James playing with his Mickey Mouse Race Track that Santa brought!

Porter and James playing with the Light Sabers that Santa brought!

Santa also brought a Wii for the family. We have had so much fun playing the Wii! Matt and Porter playing Mario Carts!

Making Sugar Cookies and Christmas Trees!!!

Right before Christmas we had fun making sugar cookies and Christmas Trees!!!

Porter's is the one on the right, Abby's is the one in the middle, James is the one on the left!!! They turned out so cute!!! They were so fun to make!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun Night at the Mall!!!

Last night we went to the mall and had a blast!!! We ate dinner and then we headed to Build a Bear!!! Abby, Porter, and James had so much fun picking out what they wanted to make. Abby made a Hannah Montana Bear named Hannah, Porter made a Penguin named Frankie, and James made a Puppy named Shadow! Then we went and saw Santa. The kids loved telling Santa what they would like this year for Christmas! What a fun night at the mall being together having fun!!!

Waiting to see Santa!!!

This picture I took today after the boys got home from Pre-school. They had a fun party at school!!! I thought they looked so cute in their elf hats!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Pillow Cases!!!

So last year at Halloween for an Enrichment night we made Halloween Pillow cases. Abby, Porter, and James loved them!!! So this year I wanted to make them Christmas ones!!! Let me remind you all, I have no sewing skills what so ever. So today I decided to try to make them by myself. I had the Halloween pillow cases out trying to remember over a year ago how I made them. The kids were helping me! It was alot of fun! I was really excited to blog about them. It took me about a hour to remember how to make them lol. So I am sure a project that should of took me maybe 20 minutes took me a little longer, but they turned out so cute!!! The kids were so excited they loved them!!!

Here is a picture of the fabric!!

I took this picture because I thought it looked like I knew what I was doing!!! lol

Look at the skills!!!lol

Here they are done!!! I thought they turned out so cute!!! The best part was seeing how excited the kids were to have Christmas pillow cases!!! Abby's is the Gingerbread and Candycane's, James is the Santa's and Porter's is the Reindeer!!!

Let It Snow!!!

Let it Snow....

I love the snow when you can stay home and stay warm! I have to admit living in St. George.... I did not miss the snow. I love snow for Christmas and then I am ready for the SUN!!! But it has been fun to watch the kids faces and how excited they get for it to snow!!! We just went and bought all the snow gear and the kids cannot wait to go and play in the snow and build a snowman!!! Today we had fun making a snowman project! The kids did a great job and they turned out so cute!!!

Just had to take a picture out our front door I cannot believe how much snow there is and how cold it is outside!

Abby having fun coloring!

Porter was working so hard on his snowman he wouldn't even look up to take his picture.

James loves to make projects!!!

Abby, Porter, and James snowmen turned out so cute!!! We tried to get the snow in the background so we opened up the door, but you really can't see it is snowing...lol

Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Letters!!!

Last week we wrote Letters to Santa!!! We had alot of fun!!! We took them to the North Pole Express and dropped them off!!! Santa has written back and the kids are so excited they cannot wait for Christmas!!! I thought it would be fun to write by the kids pictures what they put on their lists to Santa.

Getting ready to go and mail their letters to Santa!!!

*Baby Alive-Learns to go Potty
*I-Dog Dance

*Mario Karts Race Track

*Mickey Mouse Race Track

Happy Happy 6th Birthday Abby!!! November 22

I am so Happy to be blogging again! We had a little bit of computer problems, we are now up and running. So for my first post back... Happy Happy 6th Birthday to our little Princess!!! Abby had so much fun this year for her Birthday!!! She had three fun parties!!! She had a friend party and two family parties! Also on her Birthday Matt, Abby, Aunt Emilee, and I went to see High School Musical 3..........she loved it!!! Matt and I remember the day like it was yesterday when we received the phone call that Abby had been born! We remember where we were at and what we were doing! Abby weighed 5lbs and 15 oz. Abby we love you so much! Happy Birthday our little Princess!!!

Abby had a Tinkerbell Party!

Abby's friend party!

Abby opening one of her awesome gifts she received!