Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

What a fun Easter we had!!! The Easter Bunny found out we were staying out of town on our Hone Family Vacation! So he left some Easter eggs to find, baskets filled with candy, a toy, and a outfit. He hind them all in the hotel room!!! What a fun suprise to wake up too!!! He also left a picture of the trampoline!!! When we got home we found the trampoline in a box in the garage! What another fun suprise for Easter! We had fun going to Grandpa Jon's and Grandma Kathy's for a Easter egg hunt when we got home from our vacation. Then the next Sat. we were able to go to Grandpa Jim's and Grandma Dorie's house and have another fun Easter egg Hunt! Happy Easter!!!

At Grandpa Jim's and Grandma Dorie's house for the Family Easter Egg Hunt!!!

A fun game of Bingo with Aunt Jackie!!!

At Grandpa Jon's and Grandma Kathy's house for the Family Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Emma and Adlee are not only cousins they are Best FRIENDS!!!

Abby helping Dad put up the Trampoline!!!

Spring Vacation-Day 3

LAGOON!!! Need I say more??? We suprised the kids with a day at Lagoon! It was a BLAST!!! I think they love Lagoon just as much as Disneyland! It was Emma's first time at Lagoon and she loved it! She was brave and went on any ride she was tall enough to ride! Abby and James was able to ride the bigger rides they loved it! Porter was not tall enough to ride the bigger rides yet. I don't think he minded to much, he loved hanging out with Emma!!! The weather was a little colder we had to wear jackets. The lines were awesome!!! Most of the rides we could just walk right on too. Matt made it about two rides and that was about all he could take... The white roller coaster did him in... He said it took all that he had not to throw up... All and all a really fun day at Lagoon!!!

One of Emma's favorite ride!!! Puff The Dragon!!!

Spring Vacation-Day 2

On our Spring Vacation Day 2 we woke up went to breakfast and headed to the pool! The kids loved it!!! Then we headed to Pleasant Grove on the way we stopped in Lehi and had lunch at Tepanyaki! One of our favorite places to eat!!! Then we went to Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove! The kids really enjoyed it! They were able to ride the animal train, go down slides, go to the petting zoo and more!!! It was all fun until little Emma got stung by a bee. By that time, it was time to go, and we headed to Target to get some treats for our big suprise on Sat. Then we headed to Hollywood Connection is West Valley City. It was really nice because it was only a block from our hotel. They had inside rides, a slide, and one of their favoites Matt got them all glitter tattoos!!! After Hollywood Connection we went to dinner at Golden Correl Porter got to pick since we all picked were to eat for lunch. We then headed back to the Hotel for my Swimming time!!! A day filled with FUN!!!

Emma LOVED swimming, but only with her DAD!!!

Hee Haw Farms

Hollywood Connection