Monday, September 26, 2011

Ems and Hazel!

While the kids are at school Emma and Hazel have fun hanging out together! Emma LOVES to help take care of Hazel and loves to make her laugh! Hazel loves her brothers and sisters!!!

Emma loves to do projects while she waits for the kids to come home from school! What a CUTIE!

What a CUTIE! EnjoyingTummy Time!

Congratulations Matt!!!

Matt receieved the Weber County Assessor's Office Co-Worker of the Year 2011 Award!!! We just want Matt to know how proud we are of him!!! He is a very hard worker and wants to do the best he can at everything he does. He is a great example to me and the kids. We LOVE you so much! Congrats Matt!!!


The kids LOVE LEGOS!!! They can spend hours playing LEGOs! They make some really COOL things out of LEGOS this is just one of them!!!