Saturday, January 26, 2013

High Heels!

Not only is Hazel walking now.. she is walking in high heels and running!!!  We are so proud!  As you can see in the picture she is girl through and through she loves her jewerly!!!  So CUTE!

 Check out my shoes!  I love shoes just like my dad!
 Still loves to read and read and read!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

St. George Trip!!!

What an awesome fun weekend we had in St. George!  Matt had an awesome hunt with his friends!(more pictures to come) and I had a blast shopping with my friend Tanya!!!  Thanks to all our family that helped watch the kids they had a blast as well!!!

 Even a squirrel with his eyes closed could find nuts...err shoot ducks on this hunt!!



Monday, January 14, 2013

Hunting with Dad!!!

James loves loves loves to go hunting with his dad!  Here on some pictures from the hunts they have been on!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hazels Braces....

When little Hazle was a little over a year old. She still could not put weight on her feet or walk.  Physical therapy came in on August 01, 2012.  Come to find out she had pronadted feet and lowtone, mild catch biliteral ankes.  So we work with little Hazel with helping her get stronger.  We also got her braces to help with her pronadted feet.  We are grateful for our physical theriapt that she came once a month and sometimes twice a month to help Hazel.  Beth our Physical therapist came on the 09/15/12, 09/21/12, 10/03/12, by the time she came on 10/31/12, Grandma Kathy went with us to find shoes to fit her braces. Matt put on her shoes and stood Hazel up and she walked across the room.  Tears filled my eyes and how grateful we were to see her walking what a blessing!!!  So now when Beth came she just need practice walking!  Beth came again on 11/28/12 and Hazel was doing amazing.  In fact Beth said she no longer needed to come and she didn't need to go back to Primary Childrens to the Dr.   Before physical therapy came she would move around on her knees.  Now 01/12/13 Hazel is cruising around walking  almost running with no braces!  Words can't describe how happy we are she is walking, its a wonderful sight!!!