Monday, February 21, 2011

Dinosaur Park!!!

On Monday President's day we decided to go to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden! We had so much FUN!!! We have a Family Season Pass so we are excited to go back when it gets a little warmer. We were still able to have FUN in the snow! Then after we went and did a little shopping and went to the Olive Garden for dinner a FUN family outing!

This dinosaur made noises I could not get anyone to stand by him to take a picture...

Matt ended up starting a snowball fight the kids thought it was awesome!

James and Emma really liked this Dinosaur.

Notice Emma she loved the snowball fight! She is throwing one at me while I take the picture!

Matt laughing because Abby knows I do not like bats... Right when I take the picture she yells you know mom there are bats in the back of the cave...

The sign says it all!!!

Daddy Daughter NERD Date!!!

Oh I so LOVE these pictures! They just make me SMILE!!! For Activity Day's they had a Daddy Daughter Nerd Date night. Matt and Abby did GREAT dressing up! In fact Abby was mad right before they went she said she looked like a dork... I tried to explain to her that everyone will be dressed up. She didn't believe me... Matt said they had a BLAST and by the end of the night Abby was trying to look even more like a NERD!!!

Porter and Emma wanted to be in the pictures with them!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Em's!

Happy 2nd Birthday Emma!!! We cannot believe Emma is already 2 years old. Emma had a Dora birthday! She loves DORA!!! Emma is so funny! She brings us so much joy and happiness! We remember like it was yesterday when she born and was able to be part of our family! We are so grateful she is part of our Eternal Family! We love you baby Em's! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! We celebrated part of Valentine's Day after Emma's Birthday Party. We played Bingo with Grandpa Jim, Grandma Dorie, and Aunt Jessie! It was alot of fun! Everyone ended up with alot of prizes! Then on Valentines morning we decortated the table with valentines plates. napkins, and rose petels. We put a box of Chocolates by their plates and had red heart shape pancakes! Then we put a heart shape brownie with a valentine in their book bags from Dad and Mom. Then that night for dinner I wanted something they would eat and love! So I knew if I made a fancy dinner they would not eat it. So Matt being the most awesome dad ever brought home the best dinner ever Happy Meals from McDonalds. The kids loved it and ate every bite!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Super cute Valentine's Bag Abby, Porter and James made at school!

I thought these turned out so CUTE!!! Abby, Porter, James, and Emma made Valentine Monster!!!

I LOVE Saturdays!

Now that Duck Hunting Season is over for the year Matt is home on Saturdays! So we decided to start Saturday Morning Chores! I have LOVED this! Matt makes the list each Sat. morning and then we all cross off what chores we have finished! I think the kids enjoyed it the first few times more than now. They don't get to excited, but we feel they are learning and they do a great job. Not only that with all the help I get on Sat. it is so much easier to keep the house clean durning the week.

Emma smiling that she does not have to do chores! No Emma is really good at picking up her toys and she loves to sweep!

Taking a Break!

Abby hard at work!

James and Porter working on the bathroom sinks and mirrors togther!

Matt what a stud cleaning the stove!

James working hard!

The first two times doing chores we do go through alot of Windex. Matt had to teach them a little goes a long way!

Porter working hard!

Thanks everyone for helping me keep the house clean!!! Love ya all

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Girl!!

We are so excited!!! I have so much to update! So sit back and relax and enjoy our story so far... On September 22, we found out after two postive pregnancy test we were pregnant!!! We were so excited, but we went to the Dr. on September 23, 2010 to confirm the preganacy! And yes for sure the test were right WE ARE PREGNANT!!! We were filled with so much happiness, and excitment!!! We are seeing an awesome Dr. at the Circle of Life Center in Ogden Dr. Bierer. For the 1st Trimester he let us come in every two weeks! ( I love that Matt is able to go to all my appointments with me!) Also I love at the Circle of Life Center you get an ultra sound each time you go to your appointment!!! The 1st Trimester I was sick mainly just nauseas. Some smells of food made me want to gag. I was really tired as well. Once I made it to the 2nd Trimester I feel great!!! So much fun! I have enjoyed every minute! At 13 1/2 weeks we found out we were having a GIRL!!! Then at 17 1/2 weeks Dr. Bierer was for sure we were having a Baby Girl!!! I started to show a little around 16 weeks. Around 19 weeks you tell I was for sure pregnant. Also around 19 1/2 wks right a few days before my birthday I got and awesome birthday present! I could feel Little Baby Girl Hone kick! What an amazing feeling!
Today February 22, 2011 I am now 27 1/2 wks along I cannot believe it. It is going by so fast. Just started my 3rd Trimester! May 21, 2011 is going to be here before we know it. I am so excited meet our little Baby Girl Hone! We are still thinking about names. We are so grateful and excited for our family to grow! The super cute beautiful ultra sound pictures of our little baby girl was at our 3D ultra sound at 24 1/2 wks. Words cannot descibe how amazing the 3D ultra sounds are. You could see her swallow, see her cute little features, she loves the umbilical cord she was playing with it and putting it in her mouth, also she loved to have her hands by her face! I am so grateful to have it on DVD as well. We go to the Dr. next week on Wed. we will be 28 1/2 wks! I will try to be better at updating the blog in a timely matter!!!