Sunday, March 31, 2013

More FUN after the YUM YUM Tree!

After the YUM YUM Tree we headed over to Grandpa Jim's and Aunt Jessie's work to see all the animals and to hang out! LOTS of FUN!

 New Donkey everyone LOVES!

 Everyone LOVED Aunt Jessies glasses!

Hazel loved hanging out with Aunt Jessie and the cats!


The kids were so excited to get the text about the YUM YUM Tree and to see the sign that the YUM YUM tree returned! They have looked forward to this all year ! Thanks to all the wonderful Fairies that have taken so much time to make this such a FUN tradition!

Hand made by the Fairies!

Hanging out Payson Park!

On Easter Morning we headed to Santaquin to visit with Grandpa Jim, Grandma Dorie, and Aunt Jessie! We had lunch at their house and headed to  Grandpa and Grandma Daniels to visit.  We were sad they were not home so we had a few minutes before we headed to the YUM YUM Tree so we went to the park to hang out for a little bit!Tons of FUN!

Easter Morning!

Happy Easter 2013!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Decorating Eggs!

Decorating Easter Eggs! The kids had a fun time decorating their Easter Eggs! They turned out awesome!