Friday, January 3, 2014

Hanks 6 Month Appt!

Today was Hank's 6 month appt. He is weighing in at 21lb and 14oz  in the 95% for his weight we are so proud!!!  He is doing great! He still has a small heart murmur we are going to have checked. Then today he had x rays to make sure his hips are ok since he will not put any weight on his feet to stand. We love ya buddy so grateful you are part of our eternal family!
 This morning Hank was eating his toes! He loves his toes and socks!!!

 On the way home from the Dr Hank fell asleep playing with his favorite toy from Santa.

 Waiting for our turn for Hank to get x-rays. Both Matt and Hank were asleep. Matt was snoring away in the waiting room it was awesome....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

 Fun time decorating the Christmas Tree!

Hazel loved this tree and it kept coming up missing...She would take it from the front room into her room!

Emma's Gingerbread House!

Emma made a Gingerbread house at School! She had such a FUN time making it and it turned out so CUTE!!!


Our new ELF!!!

Our new Elf came around the 2nd week of  December! He is so CUTE! The kids love him! The kids named him Tinkles!

Shoveling SNOW!

FUN night of Bowling!

 Grandma Kathy invited us to her Christmas work party. It was so much fun! We had dinner and had a blast bowling! Thanks Grandma Kathy for a fun night!

Daniels Christmas Party!

 We love going to the Daniels Christmas Party! The kids acted out the Nativity and did such a great job! We also love seeing everyone, visiting and hanging out with family!


The pictures are blurry but we needed to blog this...On Thanksgiving after dinner and bingo at Grandpa Sheldon's and Grandma Nancy's. Hazel and Jaxon went and fed there binkis to the sheep... We were so proud of both of them!!!