Thursday, January 13, 2011


My mom and my sisters took me out for dinner for my Birthday. Matt calls to let me know he is sending a text with pictures. Matt watching Emma~need I say more (again)!!! Yep you guessed it Fingernail polish!!! I loved that Emma had it on her fingernails! She just wanted to paint her fingernails and a little more including her eyelashes! She went and told Matt mess and then the next morning she told me pretty! It was so cute!!! It took until the next day to get all the fingernail polish off!!! She also did amazing job on her baby painting her face and nails!! Love ya Emma

Misc. Pictures!!!

Sit down and relax and look at some fun we have been having!

Having fun doing a project!

On my birthday they were cutting meat. So Abby and Matt went over to help. I asked Abby to take me some pictures while she was there helping. In my mind picturse of her, Matt and the family working hard cutting meat. This is what I got I am so grateful for the wonderful pictures. Yes these are the beef cows. Abby worked very hard all day! Thanks Abby for being a great helper and the pictures I love them!

More beef cows!

The outside of the meat shop!

Emma reading to James!


Christmas 2010!!!

Santa made it to the Hone house!!! What a fun Christmas we had! Abby, Porter, and James got Motor scooters and Emma got a rocking horse the main thing they all asked for. Plus they got the items they asked for in the letter they sent to Santa!

I took this picture right before the Abby, Porter, James, and Emma came in to see if Santa came!
Then I ended up recording instead of taking pictures it was so much fun to see their faces with excitment! Emma at a really fun age 1 1/2 almost 2 having a just as much fun as her brothers and sister opening up presents!

Christmas Eve we went over to Grandpa Jon's and Grandma Kathy's for Christmas Eve dinner and to open up presents! What a fun suprise Santa came!!! Abby, Porter, and James wanted to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Emma still didn't want to sit on his lap, but did wave and tell him bye!

Having fun opening up presents with the cousins!

Then on Christmas afternoon we went to Grandpa Jim's and Grandma Dorie's house! The kids had fun cooking with Grandma Dorie and hanging out with Grandpa Jim! It was also alot of fun hanging out with Brian, Eliza, Ella, Amanda, Aubrey, and Jessie! We also went and visited Grandpa and Grandma Daniels! I would of took more pictures, but I ended up getting sick and sleeping most of time.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Gingerbread House!!!

For Family Home Evening we made a Gingerbread House! Lots of fun! The kids I think had more fun eating the frosting and the candy! I did to I loved the mini bubble gums! Matt did a great job with helping us get the roof and the house to stay together so the kids could decorate it!

I have another picture of the Gingerbread house done! I will add later!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Visit to See Santa!!!

We took a trip to the mall to visit with Santa! Emma as you could tell did not like Santa that close. She didn't mind him from a far. She loved to wave to him and say bye! She talked about him all the time. Abby, Porter, and James had fun telling Santa what they would like for Christmas. After we visted with Santa we ate in the mall rode the merry-go -round (I will add more pictures soon). It was a really fun night!!!

Abby's Baptism!

We are so proud of Abby for making the decision to be Baptized and Confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!! Abby was Baptized and Confirmed by her father Matt Hone on December 04, 2010. It was just an amazing day!!! After Abby was baptized and confirmed we were going to get a picture of the whole family there, but then James threw up everywhere right before I went to take the picture. So we ended up not getting a family picture, but James felt better the next day. This is who came to support Abby on her exciting day! Dad, Mom, Porter, James, Emma, Grandpa Jon, Grandma Kathy,Great Granpa Sheldon, Great Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Dorie, Aunt Jessie, Aunt Michelle, Cousin Wyatt, Quinlan, Walker, Kynlee, Makell, Aunt Emilee, and Uncle Rex. Thanks again everyone for all your support. Abby we are so pround of you! Thanks for being a great example to your brothers and sister! We love you Abby!

Abby so EXCITED to be baptized and confirmed by her Dad!

Abby looked so beautiful in her baptism dress!

Abby was able to be baptized the same day as her best friend Amanda Stephens!

I love this picture of Matt and Abby!

Abby was also baptized with her other best friend Breeley!

Family Home Evening~Decorating the Christmas Tree!!!

The Monday after everyone got back from the Thanksgiving to St. George we decorated the Christmas Tree for Family Home Evening! The kids did a great job! Our tree looked awesome!!! Also another fun thing about our tree the lights in the middle and top stopped working about two weeks after we put the tree up. One night they just all started to work. It was amazing. Come to find out Porter was cooking something in the microwave. So long story short. If the microwave was on the whole tree would light up. If the microwave was not on only the bottom lights would work!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We went to Grandpa Jim's and Grandma Dories for Thanksgiving this year (2010)! We had a lot of fun!!! After Thanksgiving diner Matt and the kids went to St. George with Grandpa Jim, Grandma Dorie, and Aunt Jessie for the weekend! I came back home for the weekend fo Emilee's Baby Shower.