Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Fun Day with Dad!!!

The Boys had a blast with Matt today!!! They wanted to go on a motorcyle ride really bad. So we got them all ready to go and they looked so cute!!! Matt took them around the block to Grandpa Jim's and Grandma Dorie's house. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. They love it!! The had alot of fun!!! They have had their helmets on all day pretending to ride their motorcycles!!! Matt is the coolest dad ever. Thanks for all you do for us. We LOVE You tons!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Wow!!! What a fun exciting Day!!! Abby started Kindergarten! Abby has wanted to put highlights in hair for a long time. So last night we headed to the Salon! She got some cute hightlights in her hair and a very cute haircut!!! Then we headed to find the perfect book bag she has been looking for. We finally found it! Hannah Montana!! Then this morning before school (she is in the afternoon Kindergarten class) we painted her fingernails and toes nails. She already had her cute outfit picked out and ready to go!!! She told me how she would like her hair to look and then out the door we went! She looked so cute!!! I just cannot still belive she is in Kindergarten. After alot of convincing she finally agreed to let me walk her to the room and take pictures for the first day. I made it to the car then I could not hold my tears back I just cried. Our little kids are growing up so fast. Then it was really cute when I went to pick her up I wanted to hold her hand to the car, but she had her arms folded, I found out it is not cool to hold mom's hand at school. lol. Abby had a blast her first day of Kindergarten and is so excited to go back to school tomorrow!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Welcome Home Zeus!!! What a fun and exciting day!!! Matt came home and suprised us with the cutest puppy on the planet!!! He is so cute! He is a Schnorkie (1/2 mini schnauzer & 1/2 yorkie.) He is 7 weeks old and we are just guessing that he weighs around 3lbs. His parents are small so he will stay a little guy!!! We have been looking for a puppy for about 3 months and we finally found Zeus!!! What a fun afternoon we have had!!! Here are some cute pictures of the kids and Zeus!!! The kids were so excited to have him!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Take me out to the Ball Game!!!

Last night for FHE we went to the Bees Game with Matt's Family. We all had so much fun!!! The kids loved it!!! Here are some cute pictures we took before the game and while we were there!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Motorcycle Trip!!!

Well what a fun time we had this weekend! It was alot of fun to spend time with my dad and his friends. We started in Wellsville Utah and then headed to Logan. We ate at Angies' in Logan for Breakfast. Then we went up Logan Canyon to Bear Lake! From Bear Lake we went to Minnetonka Cave. Then off to Montpelier Idaho. As we pulled into town, I got stung on the top of my ear by a wasp. I didn't know I was allergic to bee stings, but after this weekend I am aware. My ear swelled up really big and I could hardly hear out of it, but that wasp was not going to stop me from having a fun time. Then we went to Tetonia Idaho and spent the night at an RV/KOA type camp site. We went to Rexburg the next morning and bought me a new air mattress since I thought it would be more comfortable than the hard ground. From there it was on to Salmon Idaho where we had Chinese for Lunch. Salmon Idaho is not the best place to find good Chinese. Then to Stanley where we spent the night at another RV/KOA type spot. I slept great with my new air mattress. I also learned that Stanley Idaho only averages 20 days a year that the tempature doesn't dip below 32 degrees. fortunately, Friday night was one of the days. We also had an AWESOME dinner and breakfast at a great Cafe in Stanley. Then to Twin Falls Idaho, Snowville Utah, Tremonton Utah, Riverside Utah, and back to Wellsville. So to sum it all up...

* I rode 925 miles in all
*2 Great Breakfasts
*1 Great Dinner
*Tons of Great Scenery
*Lots of Good Company
*Loads of Fun

Can't wait to go again!!!

Me and my Dad

The Boys!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun in HENEFER!!!

Having FUN at the Park with cousins in Henefer!!!