Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We went on a family vacation with my family the first weekend of June. We stayed two nights in Salt Lake and visited a lot of places while we were there. The Aquarium, State Fair Park, Fat Cats, Children's Museum, and a few others. The kids had so much fun being with their cousins and Grandpa and Grandma!!! One of their favorite things to do as well was Swim!!! They can swim like fish!

At the Aquarium!

Emma taking a little nap from all the excitment at the Aquarium!

Happy Happy Birthday Porter and James!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Porter and James!!! We just wanted to wish James and Porter Happy Happy Birthday!!! They had so much fun on their birthdays!!! They were able to celebrated their birthday's three times!!! Once on their birthday's then they had a party with Matt's family at Grandmpa and Grandma Daniels house. Then with my family we had a great time up in the mountains roasting hot dogs and playing games! One of the kids favorite games Matt sprayed painted rocks and hide them and then when the kids found a red rock they brought it to Matt and he gave them a piece of candy! They also loved the pinata!!! They both got bikes, clothes, and toys! Matt and I remember the days we were told that we had been choosen to be their parents! We are so grateful for them both and the joy they bring to our family! They both weighed 5lbs and 15 oz when they were born! Porter and James we love you both so much!!! We hope you had a super fun birthday!!!

Katie Reese from Morgan, Utah made these cute cakes for the boys!!! Porter and James loved them!!! Not only do they look so cute they were so YUMMY!!!

My dad!!!

My Grandpa Sheldon and Grandma Nancy!!!

My Mom and Emma! Emma loves to be outdoors!

Porter having a turn at the Pinata!

My sister Michelle and her husband Chris!

My sister Emilee, her huband Rex, and Emma!

My sister Sara and her husband Maclaine!

Abby, James, MaKell, Walker, handing in their red rocks to get candy!!!

Cute Pictures of Sweet Little Emma!

Sweet Little Emma

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am really excited to let everyone know I am going to be starting up another blog (I will have two now)!!! It is going to be a lot of fun!!! Some ideas of things I want to blog about on my new blog will be on saving money, deals on line, ideas to get organized, fun ideas and activities for kids, tips for house cleaning, favorite products, 72-Hour kits, Car kits, Parenting, Crafts, Cooking, just about anything!!!! I was really inspired by a quote on my friend Erin's blog today (Thanks Erin for letting me post it on my blog!) To Pay Debts and avoid future debt requires faith in the Savior, Elder Hales said."It takes great faith to utter those simple words " We can't afford it." It takes faith that life will be better as we sacrifice our wants in order to meet our own and other needs." I have been wanting to start my other blog for awhile, but today I decided I am ready. I have decided for my new blog to make it private. If you would or anyone else you know would like to be able to look at it please e-mail me at I am hoping with everyone's ideas and sharing our experiences we will be able to help each other. I am going to be posting information that I find on-line or I have learned. I will also plan on sharing my own experiences. An example might be: what I bought on sale that week, how I did it, and how much I saved. I want to share some of my goals, some fun things that my kids and I did that day, what I am going to cook for dinner. Not every days posts are going to be the same. Some might and some might not. If everyone posts their experiences and we can all learn from each other, and have fun together at the same time!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Matt is Coaching T-Ball this year! He is the best Coach ever... It has been alot of fun watching Abby, Porter, and James play. They are all able to be on the same team and have their dad be their coach!!!
GO BEE's!!!

First Practice!!!

Emma loves the T-Ball games!!! She love watching her sister and brothers!!!

Matt and Abby

This picture just makes me smile!!! James in on Second Base. He is taking a break during the game. Porter having fun playing T-Ball!!!