Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy 10 year Anniversary!!!

Matt and I went to St. George for the weekend for our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Actually it is not until July 20, 2010, but we celebrated early. I LOVE YOU MATT!!! Matt took me fishing on Sat. afternoon we had a lot fun! Matt showed off skills by catching the only fish! I think I need to work on my fishing skills stay tuned by the end of the summer I will have a post of my fish and of coarse it will be BIGGER than his...


I cannot believe it is almost July. Where is the SUMMER going??? Abby, Porter, and James are taking gymnastics and they love it! Also Abby is doing cheer. Abby and Porter are going to take violin lessons starting in July they are really excited. The boys have been playing T-ball and Abby has been playing coach pitch. They have the best coach ever MATT! We had a week of Art. The kids painted Aprons they turned out really cute! They also painted frames, made their own pictures we then framed them with their frames and then Matt hung them in their rooms. They are awesome! We also made pet rocks. We also had animal week. I hid fake bugs for the kids to find. Then they went and found their own bugs. A little more worms than I like. We had worms worms worms... Matt has been taking the kids are the 4-wheeler alot and it is one of their favorite things to do. Also the kids have been HANGING OUT with the cousins and swimming.


A couple of weeks ago we went to the Zoo! We had alot of FUN! The kids loved the animals and we were there right at the right time FEEDING TIME!!!

The Merry- go- round scared Emma. She did not like it. I ended up holding her.

Abby took this picture!

Porter took this picture!
James took this picture!

Watching the animals eat! The kids loved that the animals came right up to the window!

So Cute! Baby Elephant just born this year!

Riding the train!

Emma Eating or Should I say Sleeping?

I think Emma must get bored when eating. What do you think? Notice she has different outfits on in each picture. Their are a couple of pictures when she is awake. In one of them she GOT MILK and cereal on her laughing at Porter and James. In the other picture is to show her using a fork. She loves to eat with a fork or spoon she thinks it is so COOL!

This outfit is the same as the first one, but look how CUTE she has even her feet crossed.

Porters Eye Surgery